Ukrainian POWs were part of the parade in Donetsk

By | August 24, 2014

August 24, Independence day parade this year in Donetsk reminded 1944 Moscow where soldiers marched Nazi German POWs down the red square.

Countless remains of Ukrainian armored vehicles and tanks, which were destroyed while trying to attack the city of Donetsk, were also shown to the spectators.

Ukrainian armored vehicles that attacked the city of Donetsk

Ukrainian tanks that attacked the city of Donetsk

When Ukrainian POWs and other neo-Nazi brigades were marched down the square people began chanting: “fascists!” – which was one of the nicer names citizens of Donetsk called people that are daily attacking their city.


Despite running the risk of being bombed by the Ukrainian army, thousands of people came out of bomb shelters and basements to see the parade.

Ever since nationalist radicals through violence took control of the government in Kiev, they have been trying to impose their rule on the Lugansk and Donetsk regions. As a result of an aggression local self-defense units were formed to protect themselves against neo-Nazis that control the government. As tensions escalated and radicals pressed harder and harder, kidnapping and shooting people, many locals took up arms to protect their homes.

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To many locals this parade is symbolic as their fathers and grandfather have fought against Hitler aggression where Ukrainian neo-Nazi nationalist radicals have joined Nazi Germany in a fight against their countrymen.



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