Ukrainian regular army betrayed by their own bosses

By | May 22, 2014

May 22, Ukraine’s regular army soldiers were shot at after refusing to attack local residents at Kiev’s orders.

Ukrainian army had set up a check point on a road between the villages of Blagodatniy and Olginka. There was around 40 to 50 soldiers there, an armored vehicle, mobile artillery machine and several transport vehicles.

There was a shootout at night. Who shot at whom is not known.

In the morning soldiers got an order to move out and engage people in Olginka. Soldiers has refused to engage local people. Later in the day “Privat-Bank” cars pulled up to check point. Several men without any insignias stepped out (presumably Right Sector or battalion Dnepr 1) and started shooting at soldiers. Some of the soldiers managed to shoot back hitting one of the vehicles that pulled up. Later, Kiev’s helicopters moved in and opened fire at check point. It is not known whether there are any casualties among attackers. Among soldiers there’s at least 13 dead and 30 wounded.

Video showing Ukrainian army helicopter shooting at its own soldiers:

Video below shows soldiers at that checkpoint while locals despite being attacked by Ukrainian solders are feeding them. Many of the soldiers in the video killed or wounded by their own bosses:






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