Ukrainian soldier killed while trying to rape underage girl

By | August 26, 2014

Oleg Mikhniuk (Олег Міхнюк), known to his friends as an active protester on Maidan square and a member of an “afghan hundred defense of Maidan” group has been killed earlier this month.

Oleg Mikhniuk, Ukrainian soldier, died while trying to rape an underage girl

Oleg Mikhniuk (Міхнюк Олег Іванович), Ukrainian soldier, killed while trying to rape an underage girl

According to Ukrainian media Oleg got a lot of respect during and after protests on Maidan square in Kiev where many police officers and government workers were killed by protesters which led to collapse of a legitimate government. Violent mobs of protesters installed new government which was not recognized by south-eastern part of Ukraine. Later Oleg went on to join Aidar punitive battalion which was sent to enforce new regime’s rule upon south-eastern Ukraine.

On the eve of his death on August 20th Oleg with other members of punitive Aidar battalion got intoxicated on local moonshine. Later in the evening Oleg spotted an underage girl, granddaughter of a local farmer. Oleg and two of his fellow Ukrainian soldiers chased the girl to a barn and tried to rape her. At this time girl’s 82 year old grandfather came out of his  house and shot two of the attackers from a two-shot shotgun. While an old man was trying to reload third attacker got away.

Minutes later third attacker returned with a group of Ukrainian soldiers looking for an old man. However, by this time girl, her grandfather, and other members of their family left the area in fear for their life.

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