Ukrainian soldiers shot at their own mothers – videos

By | July 1, 2014

June 30, several mothers of Ukrainian soldiers decided to get together and drive up to the army barracks to see if their sons, who are deployed to fight locals in south-eastern part of the country, are OK. And to see if their commander will let them stop killing locals and let them come home.

Accompanied by journalists they were approaching military base in a rented bus. As they approached women shouted: “we are mothers of the soldiers, just coming to get our sons.”

All of the sudden soldiers at the base began shooting at the bus. As bullets started hitting metal body of the bus, driver turned around and sped away. As bus stopped several hundred feet away from the base to catch their breath and fully realize what just happened, a flare went up from the base and soldiers started shooting again.

One journalist from Russian TV1 news channel Anatoly Klyan was fatally wounded. Bus driver was wounded as well.


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