Ukrainian television – how far will they go?

By | August 22, 2014

Anyone who speaks Ukrainian and have watched Ukrainian news knows that they love to exaggerate and manipulate facts to their advantage. All major news channels in Ukraine are owned by oligarchs that run the country.  For millions of people these channels are the only source of information besides the internet, because Kiev is shutting down foreign competitors.

Therefore, when a Ukrainian TV reports that Ukrainian army has occupied yet another town near Donetsk or Lugansk, I call that town just hear people say that Ukrainian army has not entered the town, I’m not surprised. Or when I hear a report on Ukrainian TV saying that Ukrainian army has destroyed foreign military convoy, I call self-defense forces in the region where convoy was supposedly destroyed just to hear that no such event took place. Most of such news stories are not accompanied by videos or photos. When pictures are included, many times they are not part of the story.

With all this in mind, earlier this week even I was surprised. Ukrainian channel 24 has used Photoshopped picture of a US soldier to be portrayed as a Ukrainian radical National Guard member.

Photoshopped picture:

Ukraine photoshopps pictures in the news

Ukrainian news Photoshops pictures

Original – US Soldier returns from Iraq, March 6, 2008:

Ukrainian news fake pictures

Many locals that follow news from both, Ukrainian oligarch controlled channels as well as other European and Asian news jokingly call Ukrainian news as best comedy show on television.


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