Ukrainian terrorists are bringing explosives to Russia

By | January 4, 2015

Igor Mosyichuk – one of the Ukrainian nationalist leaders and Ukrainian government deputy who personally took part in killing members of the opposition in Odessa on May 2nd posted a message on his facebook account saying that Ukrainian nationalist terrorists will install mines and booby traps in Russia, near Ukrainian border. Maybe now, after Ukrainian fascists breached the border, Russia will finally bring in peace keepers and stop this bloodshed that Kiev started.

Igor Mosyichuk:

mosiychuk 1409864737_mosiychuk-bileckiy

Igor’s post:


Ukrainian partisans began their actions on the territory of Russian Federation in Rostov region. On Russian / Ukrainian border near Kuibeshevskyi part of Rostov region we are installing mines and booby traps so that noone could cross the border.

On January 2nd around 3 pm citizens of Russian New Hope village found one of our booby traps. Local farmers found the booty trap in a tree, it was armed with RGD-5 grenade, which was disarmed by Russian explosives experts. Local farmers are afraid to approach our border bacause of booby traps and mines.

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