US Government has offered to finance Right Sector

By | May 10, 2014

Victoria Nuland has offered millions of dollars to a radical neo-Nazi organization Right Sector to create their own infrastructure in Ukraine.

8765Photo: REUTERS/Alain Grosclaude/Pool

Leaders of the Ukrainian radical movement “Right Sector” at the end of April traveled to US to meet with US State Department. Andrei Artemenko sat down with Victoria Nuland to discuss the details.

Nuland has offered radicals financial and informational help to help them form political party in Ukraine. US State Department has offered to help Right Sector form its political platform, party structure, and creation of satellite offices throughout Ukraine.

Andrei Artemenko’s Visa to the US was issued to him by Geoffrey R. Pyatt, US Ambassador to Ukraine himself.

It’s not the first time US has interfered in Ukraine’s internal affairs. Also, it shows what role US State Department has played in ousting Ukraine’s elected president Victor Yanukovych. Obama’s administration is being questioned more and more often about Right Sector’s role in ousting of the president and start of civil war in Ukraine.

Dana Rohrabacher Congressman from California, during House Committee on Foreign Affairs Hearing has questioned Nuland about Right Sector radical movement.

Among other things Rohrabacher asked Nuland if neo-Nazi groups were involved in Kiev violence which led to ousting of Ukraine’s elected president. Rohrabacher has also pointed out that he himself seen footage of what Nuland calls “peaceful protestors”, they shot at police and threw molotov cocktails at police officers while police were hurled up in the corner.

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