Videos: 1 year ago, ultra nationalists attacking legitimate government in Kiev

By | February 13, 2015

Nationalists took control of government through a violent coup almost a year ago. Here’s a collection of videos from that time.

Ukrainian nationalists set police officers on fire:

Ukrainian Nazis 1 year ago – training, attacking police, taking over government buildings:

US assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland feeds protesters with cookies:

Police vs Nationalists:

Police vs Nazis:

US Sen. John McCain cheering Nationalist on right before attack on the government in Kiev:

Ukrainian Nationalists attacking:

Nationalists in masks trying to take over the streets:

Ukrainian nationalists “disagree” with political opponents:

Nationalists burn opponents in Odessa:

Nazis taking over buildings in Kiev, attacking:

Police vs Nationalists:

Foreigners helping Ukrainian Nazis (foreign language in the background):



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