Video: combating drunkards in Ukrainian army

By | June 26, 2015

Ukrainian regime is still refusing to hold dialog with regions that do not recognize the result of violent coup of 2014. Ukrainian regime is trying to mobilize more and more people into the army so they could submit people of Donetsk by force. Ukrainian army recruiters are forced to mobilize by force anyone who even remotely can hold a rifle. These people are forced to hold rifles against their neighbors just because people in Kiev are refusing to even talk to those who oppose them. And so, forced to work for the regime and what’s even worse forced to shoot at their neighbors, people get depressed and they drink.. a lot.. on a massive scale. Trying to combat drunkards among mobilized, Ukrainian regime decided to literally put poor people, that were taken from their families, into a cage as a punishment for drinking alcohol.

Video, Ukrainian regime took young men from their families, now put them in a cage for drinking:

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