Video: fighting in Donetsk airport

By | January 15, 2015

Donetsk airport is almost completely under control of local self-defense forces. Ukrainian army attempts to take control of Donetsk airport have been thwarted. Airport tower which was used by Ukrainian army to correct fire on the city of Donetsk has been completely destroyed. On top of the tower when it was brought down was Ukrainian flag and a flag of radical Right Sector organization. Self-defense forces tried to take control of the town of Avdeevka. Partially Ukrainian army has been pushed out of Avdeevka. Control of airport and Avdeevka ensures less shelling by Ukrainian army on the city of Donetsk which consequently leads to less civilian deaths in the city.

Heavy fighting has been going on for the past two days in Lugansk, north and north-west of Donetsk. Self-defense forces were able to take control of several local towns near Lugansk. Ukrainian army attempted to conduct a massive attack north of Lugansk but was stopped by self-defense artillery. To conduct counter-attack self-defense forces do not have enough tanks and APCs. There are casualties on both side. Ukrainian dept. of defense as always reported that they suffered no losses.

Short video of the battle for airport:

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