Video of Ukrainian army shooting up school and police station in Donetsk.. ..for fun

By | November 4, 2014

Ukrainian soldiers occupying part of Donetsk decided to punish locals for having different political and ideological views. Ukrainian soldiers indiscriminately shoot local school and police station near Krasnyi Luch.

Ukrainian army shooting school

4 thoughts on “Video of Ukrainian army shooting up school and police station in Donetsk.. ..for fun

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  3. Tim

    This is sickening. Our government is just as responsible as Soros and the Central banks for running these genocide destabilization campaigns across the globe.
    There are millions of us out here that would rather die than to see these people go with out trial and prosecution and it terrify them.
    This is why they call us terrorist.
    Those who believe in the Constitution of the U.S> and revere individual liberty are deemed domestic terrorist here in the U.S. Libertarians, Conservatives, Christians and returning vets are all deemed terrorist by our government, in military training manuals, etc. We are marked for ethnic cleansing. The only problem is we are armed to the teeth. They are going to force a civil war in which they will bomb us in our own country by stating we are domestic terrorist. We must be ready to respond with unbelievable numbers when they begin this campaign. If we do not unite we will all fall separately.


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