Video: Ukrainian army shells apartment building

By | January 15, 2015

Video was taken two days ago. Here Ukrainian army is shelling an apartment building in Donetsk. This happened not long before self-defense forces of Donetsk moved in to push Ukrainian aggressors away from the city. As of today Donetsk airport is under the control of self-defense forces of Donetsk. Ukrainian army and other punitive battalions are under constant pressure in towns of Peski and Avdeevka. There are reports that Ukrainian military is pulling out of those two towns. Peski and Avdeevka was used by Ukrainian military to  shell city of Donetsk.

Update: One of the Ukrainian soldiers in his twitter account posted that they got orders from Kiev to do whatever it takes to take airport back with no regard to civilian lives and/or where they shoot or shell. Translation of a first post: “Yes, I confirm. we have orders to squash all fire positions in Donetsk and Makeevka. Do not care at all about civilians, we got orders. Paratroopers moving out to Peski”. Translation of a middle post: “Information from an officer in Karlovka. Orders from HQ to keep airport without regard to anything. All bets are off. Shell of the city (red. of Donetsk) is allowed.”:


Video – taken Jan 13, 2015:

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