Video: Ukrainian nationalists with firearms storm opposition offices

By | August 3, 2015

“Freedom of speech”, “freedom of expression” and “freedom of believes” are phrases that one might hear less often in Ukraine after nationalist regime took control of the government through a violent coup in 2014.

Earlier today, in the city of Kharkov, at 4 Skripka street where opposition offices are located, about fifty Ukrainian radical nationalists wearing masks armed with firearms, stones, sticks and machetes tried to storm opposition offices.

Later, as Ukrainian news agency reports, members of opposition came out of the offices to confront radicals, asking them to take off the masks and asking police for help.

Police officers positioned themselves between members of the opposition and Ukrainian nationalists. Nationalists began throwing stones at the building. Short while later approximately twenty more people have joined nationalists, that’s when first smoke grenade was seen.

At the moment area is surrounded by SWAT teams.

Earlier today opposition leaders held a rally demanding from Kiev regime to be able to participate in local elections. It was this rally that might’ve provoked Ukrainian nationalists and members of various neo-nazi organizations to storm opposition offices.


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