Visiting Donetsk orphanage

By | January 6, 2015

Together with UK journalist Graham Philips, head of several Donetsk city municipalities Ivan Prikhodko and Kharkov activist Konstantin Dolgov visited an orphanage “Teremok” in Donetsk. Today, Teremok is the only orphanage in Donetsk People’s Republic. On December 9th Teremok has resumed its functions in caring for kids ages 2-7 that lost their parents. Right now there are eleven kids there. Main caretaker of the orphanage is Paisa Andreevna (on a photo below). It’s comfortable and cozy in an orphanage now. When Raisa Andreevna just arrived to reopen Teremok, there were only bare walls in the building. In one of the rooms there is a crack in the wall that was made by Ukrainian shell when Ukrainian forces shelled city of Donetsk.


Visitors brought gifts for the kids in Teremok – sweets, balls with images of cartoon characters. Kids loved them. Graham Philips quickly became kid’s favorite. Many began joking that orphanage is about to get its first male staff.

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Visit lasted about three hours, but when it was time to leave it seemed like it was only five minutes. “If God is willing, we’ll get to visit them again” – said Konstantin Dolgov.

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