Volunteers from Norway robbed in Kiev

By | October 19, 2014

Volunteers from Norway brought humanitarian help to Ukrainian tank battalion called “Zveroboi”. Zveroboi is getting ready to go to Donetsk region to fight local population which is unwilling to recognize coup installed nationalist government in Kiev.

Ever since nationalists ousted legitimate Ukrainian president in Kiev, many radicals began traveling to Donetsk region where they were trying to repeat what they have done on Maidan square in Kiev by throwing Molotov cocktails, shooing locals with rubber bullets and kidnapping people. Local self-defense battalions were formed to fight off the radicals. Violence has escalated to a full blown civil war.

Former tank operator Arnshtein Tran along with his friend came to Ukraine on October 16.

“Foreign volunteers brought helmets, tank vests, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves. They bought these items on their own initiative and bought them with their own money. They gave all of the items they brought to 3rd tank battalion on the same day.” – said Zahar Fedorak – a Ukrainian who helped Norwegians bring humanitarian help to the country.

Next day Norwegians were robbed.

“Someone broke down the door to the apartment they rented on Maidan square and took everything that was in it – personal belongings, electronics, money, documents.” – said Fedorak.


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