Why is Putin so popular in Russia and abroad?

By | May 17, 2014

Putin’s approval rating in Russia today is above 85%. Many people, especially in EU and USA are puzzled by the popularity mainly because western media loves to demonize Russian leader; however, numbers, actions, and facts speak for themselves.


– In 12 years Putin has increased Russian budget 22 times

– Modernized the army making it once again one of the word’s most professional and best equipped

– Putin has increased gross domestic product 12 times, moving Russia from 36th place to 6th place on a list of countries with biggest GDP.

– Putin has increased Russia’s gold reserves 48 times!

– Putin has nationalized 256 natural resource sites which were operated by foreign investors who did not contribute to Russian economy. Only 3 are left under control of foreign investors.

– Putin has nationalized 65% of oil production and 95% of gas production as well as many others, benefiting Russian economy.

– Improved many industries including agriculture. Russia is now 2nd in the world in the amount of agricultural export getting ahead of the United States which is in 4th place.

– Putin has raised average salaries 18 times, and pensions 14 times.

– Putin cancelled Khasavyurt Accord, keeping Russia’s territorial integrity.

– Putin has stopped United States from bombing Syria.

– Putin has returned Crimea, which was gifted to Ukraine in 1954 by a Soviet leader. After the break up of the Soviet Union majority of Crimeans have never accepted the fact that they have to be part of Ukraine.

– Today, Putin is working on a law to eliminate and criminalize all GMO products in Russia, protecting its citizens from untested genetically manipulated plants, organisms, and other frankenseeds. By doing so, in the future Russia may open a whole new export market of truly organic products.

While many EU leaders speak out against Putin’s actions publicly, mainly due to increasing pressure from United States, far right and far left parties, including some moderates support Putin’s politics. EU support for Putin is based on compatible ideological positions of eliminating foreign influence and restoring traditional values. Putin is very traditional. He was raised in the culture capital of the world – St. Petersburg, Russia. He is a practicing christian. While his law to criminalize gay propaganda caused a lot of criticism, it has been viewed as positive by many conservatives around the world. Putin is trying to bring back traditional family values, patriotism, and Russia’s national identity which seemed to fade away in the 1990s. Many Europeans and others around the world feel the effects of eroding traditional values and its national identity. Many tabus are becoming commonly accepted practices in Europe. Before, in the west it was mainly conservatives who supported Putin; however, more and more moderates, after seeing the effects of eroding traditional values and lack of strong leadership in their countries, sympathize with Putin.



One thought on “Why is Putin so popular in Russia and abroad?

  1. Ton Nuiten

    Well, we here in the Netherlands have our own liars who demonize Vladimir Putin. Here are just one of them: so-called “Russia-expert” Helga Salemon. Just a couple of minutes ago, she gave her opinion of Putin in the Dutch broadcast “Een Vandaag” (One Today). And what did she told about Putin? Well, he was a traitor among others. As usual, no proof was given to substantiate her statement. And this is the kind of news with wich we are daily fed with

    Thank you for your honest and fair article of Vladimir Putin! Keep on this good work!


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