World dancing champion dies after Ukrainian APC ran over her car

By | November 10, 2014

Ukrainian APC collided with a sedan on Sunday in Dergachevskyi region near the city of Kharkov. As a result world champion in acrobatic dancing – Viktoria Panova and her father died – Kharkov administration reports.

Viktoria Panova

Viktoria Panova and her father died after being ran over by Ukrainian APC

Viktoria Panova

Viktoria Panova

Early Monday morning highway patrol service has reported that on November 9 around 3 pm near 481th kilometer of Kiev-Kharkov highway, 43 year old driver of Opel Kadett was moving on the highway in the direction of Kiev. As a result, driver of the vehicle and his 15 year old passenger have died at the scene from sustained injuries.

Ukrainian APC kills girl and father girl killed by Ukrainian army in a crash

In an unrelated incident, a Ukrainian army truck have collided with a truck carrying meat. Photos from the scene:

Ukrainian army track accident Ukrainian army track accident

Video of an incident:


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